Mapped gobos

Through the engraving of gobos PROIETTA realizes, for the first time in Italy, the mapped architectural lighting: the light is projected in such a way as to enhance only the most significant architectural elements.

In addition to the breathtaking effect of a projection tailored to the building,the main advantages of this technology are that it is not invasive, it avoids light pollution and dazzling of the windows, carefully cut out from the projection.

Videomapping or gobomapping?

Often confused technologies, the mapped projection with the use of gobos and the videomapping differ in dynamism and costs.

The graphics of the projection of mapped gobos are in fact static, while that of videomapping is in motion.

The realization of a mapped image costs much less than videomapping where, using video projectors, the cost inevitably rises.

Using gobos projectors allows, for the same surface, projects that are about 10 times cheaper!